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Rice and Shine Food Prep was founded by brothers Jesse and Jake Templeman. Keen foodies and chefs, The brothers believe in cooking absolutely everything from scratch. They never use a jar of sauce or a store bought spice rub when they can create something even better themselves, without the preservatives and hidden calories.  

Fresh, Healthy & Delicious
Using Only The Freshest & Finest Produce
All of our produce is carefully chosen by trusted suppliers for it’s freshness and quality. We are proud to work with Fin & Flounder, a traditional family run fishmonger based in Hackney All our meat is sourced from Select Butchery an organic local butchers, as well as Montgomery of Spitalfields for all our vegetables
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The Rice and Shine menu means that I can mix vegan, pescatarian and meat based meals as and when I please. The easy ordering process and quick delivery means that I can eat healthily at home without compromising on taste

Jason, London

Rice and Shine is exactly what I have been looking for- healthy, balanced meals and interesting recipes, which means I am never bored.

Cassie, Epping